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      Italian Phrases 1 - Here are some simple Italian words and phrases.

Basic Vocabulary
Throw away your flash cards . . .
      Italian Nouns 1 - Start off with these common Italian nouns (nomi).
      Italian Verbs 1 - Build your vocabulary with these Italian verbs (verbi).
      Italian Phrases 1 - Here are some simple Italian words and phrases.
      Italian Numbers 1 - Learn the numbers 1-20.
      Italian Propositions 1 - Learn how to say "to" and "for."

      Italian Conjugation 1 - Learn to conjugate the -are verbs.
      Italian Conjugation 2 - Learn to conjugate the verb essere (to be).

Intermediate Study
      Intermediate 1 - Learn more nouns.
      Intermediate 2 - Learn more adjectives and other words.
      Intermediate 3 - Learn some phrases (frasi).

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